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FW: Kleinig on Sasse on Preaching the Gospel


And not just "about" the Gospel…


Feed: Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison
Posted on: Friday, May 11, 2012 4:46 PM
Author: Rev. Matt Harrison
Subject: Kleinig on Sasse on Preaching the Gospel



At a conference for pastors in Australia a paper was given on preaching. The discussion which followed focused on whether it was always necessary to preach both law and gospel in every sermon. A seminary professor declared, rather vehemently, that he always preached about the gospel in every sermon. At this Sasse got up, shuffled to the microphone and stunned the audience by saying:


'Never in all my life have I preached about the gospel in any sermon. And I will never preach about the gospel as long as I live. I have always and will always proclaim the gospel'.


That for me sums up Sasse's understanding of the gospel. The gospel was, for him, always an enactment, a performative utterance. And so, even though he often taught as he preached, he always spoke in such a way that Christ spoke through him to grant forgiveness and all his gifts to the faithful.


John Kleinig, "Sasse on Worship"

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