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FW: Hymn of the Day for Advent 3C


An ambitious project…


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Posted on: Saturday, December 15, 2012 2:16 PM
Author: Michael Joncas
Subject: Hymn of the Day for Advent 3C


As some of the readers of Pray Tell know I am working on a project of attempting to create a Hymn of the Day inspired by the RC lectionary readings for the OF for the 3 year cycle of Sundays and Solemnities. I am here printing the text that I have created for Advent 3C. Unlike my earlier initiative at this blog, I am not seeking your critique of the text, but am simply offering it for your prayer this weekend. Although it was written in 2009, I find the text surprisingly appropriate in the light of this past week's events in Newtown.

A people that in darkness walked
Yet hoped to find the light anew
Heard in John's words the voice of God
And cried aloud: "What must we do?"

"What must we do as we await
The coming of the Holy One
To welcome Him for whom we long,
To welcome in God's kingdom come?"

John told the crowds: "Renew your hearts;
Let those with plenty learn to give.
Hoard not your clothes, your food, your goods,
But kindly share and simply live.

Let those who serve the common good
Take justice as your guiding thought.
Do not extort; do not defraud;
To each their proper share allot."

John's challenge echoes down the years
As other issues come to view,
Till we in turn cry out to God,
"In these last days what must we do?"

"What must we do to heal the wounds
Our greed has gouged upon the globe?
What must we do to house the poor,
The hungry feed, the naked robe?"

"What must we do to end war's curse:
The lives extinguished without cause,
The terror stalking innocents,
The harsh perversion of your laws?"

"What must we do to guarantee
A respite from unending strife,
Sustain a child's security,
And cherish those at end of life?"

With Holy Spirit and with fire
Baptize us, God, set us ablaze;
Teach us to act what you desire
And so fulfill these Advent days.

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