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FW: What’s Coming Next in the Concordia Commentary Series?




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Posted on: Monday, February 11, 2013 1:10 PM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: What's Coming Next in the Concordia Commentary Series?



First, if you are not a subscriber to the series, you are not getting these volumes at the best price possible. We offer no lower prices on them, anywhere, in any way. Here are the details:

Two volumes are published each year, in June and December. Become a subscriber and receive a discount.

Subscribers receive a 30% discount off the retail price of $49.99 for a price of only $34.99 per volume; New volumes are shipped to you automatically; Subscribers can purchase previously published volumes of the Concordia Commentary series at the same 30% discount.

Sign up here:

Here's what's coming next!

1. Romans 1-8 by Michael Middendorf to appear in print June 1, 2013
2. Mark 1-8 by James Voelz to appear in print by December 1, 2013
3. Galatians, by Andrew Das, for May 2014
4. Isaiah 56-66, by Reed Lessing, for December 2014
5. Ephesians, by Thomas Winger, for May 2015
6. John 1–6, by William Weinrich, for December 2015
7. Romans 9-16, by Michael Middendorf, for May 2016

And to answer questions: Yes, we are working with LOGOS to have these out in that format. Maybe on other digital formats. No, I have no information beyond these volumes and dates. No, we can not put them out any faster! There is presently NO major NT commentary underway that has published two volumes a year for ten years in a row, just FYI. No, we can not bundle LOGOS plus print editions. No, there are no discounts available for LOGOS based resources beyond what LOGOS will extend

No, we are not releasing a comic book edition of any of these volumes or a graphic novel edition of any of them. No movie or video or video game versions either.

And, finally, no, I'm not going to come over and read these to you as bedtime stories.

Any other questions?

: )

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