Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Noted Review: Christian Worldview Music for a Road Trip



Peterson, Andrew. Light for the Lost Boy. 2012. Audio CD. $10.00. (LHPN)

Andrew Peterson came to our attention because of some of our other CD reviews. 

We were pleased to receive a review copy of his 2012 recording, Light for the Lost Boy.




Come Back Soon



The Cornerstone



Rest Easy



The Voice of Jesus



The Ballad of Jody Baxter



Day By Day



Shine Your Light On Me



Carry the Fire



You'll Find Your Way



Don't You Want to Thank Someone

Light for the Lost Boy is what I call worldview music. Andrew's Christian worldview shows in tracks that reflect a life lived hearing the Word of God, yet not isolated from the challenges of living in a sinful world.

This is the kind of modern Christian music I find more appropriate for the car on a roadtrip or driving around town doing errands than for Sunday mornings. There's nothing wrong with that. Settings are driving, uplifting, and comforting.

For future reviews, we would appreciate taking a look at liner notes, sheet music (if available), and extended tracks (or even vinyl).

Consider track 2, "The Cornerstone," for a good example of this singer and composer's hope in Christ! We look forward to hearing more of Andrew Peterson!


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