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FW: A Great Tool To Help You Understand the Formation Of Lutheran Synods In America!




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Posted on: Friday, September 27, 2013 8:16 AM
Author: Pastor Matt Richard
Subject: A Great Tool To Help You Understand the Formation Of Lutheran Synods In America!


roseI attended the same Lutheran congregation for 20 years (CLBA), until I went off to college .  In college I began attending a small Association Free Lutheran Church.  Several years later I found myself serving a small country church for my field work experience in seminary.  This country church had its roots in the old United Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.  Now, I find myself leading the liturgy in the vicarage status at the LCMS church in my home town.

Why do I share this with you?  I share it with you because I was relatively unaware of all the different strains of Lutheranism for the first twenties years of my life.  After leaving for college, I found myself introduced to several new strains of Lutheranism, thus causing me to realize that there were/are a plethora of Lutheran Synods/Denominations in America.

If you are like me, this realization may have caused you to ask, "Where did they all come from?"  In asking this question though, I must caution you that it is fairly difficult to derive a simplistic answer.  Indeed, the history of Lutheranism in America is a fairly complex story.  It is complex due to the various immigration waves, the different historical geographical locations where Lutherans culminated, and, of course, some language barriers.

Thankfully, I recently came upon an incredible diagram that has helped me in understanding the historical formation of Lutheran Synods in America.  It is a graphic that I obtained from one of my colloquy classes this summer at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  This graphic was put together by David Herald.  It is an extremely nice visual that gives a bird's-eye view to the formation of Lutheran Synods in America.  It was a blessing to me and I hope it is a blessing to you in understanding the formation of Lutheran Synods in America.  Enjoy this tremendous resource!

CLICK HERE for the "Formation of Lutheran Synods in America" PDF Sheet.


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