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FW: Being Thankful for Lutheranism




Feed: God the Crucified
Posted on: Friday, November 18, 2011 5:17 PM
Author: (Pastor Lange)
Subject: Being Thankful for Lutheranism


The Internet Monk has been blogging in the "Post-Evangelical Wilderness" for 11 years. Now, having become a Lutheran he has posted a series of articles titled: How Lutheran Tradition Answers Many Post-Evangelical Concerns"

Life-long Lutherans often cannot know the richness of their own tradition simply because they don't have anything else to compare with it. Non-Lutherans may not know of its richness for the simple reason that it appears irrelevant to the concerns of popular Evangelicalism.

Either way, Chaplain Mike's articles are a worthwhile read for anyone interested in God the Crucified.  He provides seven reasons to be thankful for the Lutheran tradition which are summed up as follows:

1. The Lutheran tradition provides a solid historic tradition with roots.

2. The Lutheran tradition gives priority to Word and Table liturgical worship.

3. The Lutheran tradition places a strong emphasis on pastoral ministry.

4. The Lutheran tradition has a healthy emphasis on the vocational callings of all believers.

5. The Lutheran tradition is centered on Christ and the Gospel.

6. The Lutheran tradition keeps proper distinctions between Law and Gospel.

7. The Lutheran tradition has a sacramental theology that corrects the inefficiencies of revivalism.

8. The Lutheran tradition teaches most clearly the biblical doctrine of the Theology of the Cross.

After these 8 points, Mike gives a bonus post called "10 Reasons to Love Luther." All five articles can be accessed by following this link.

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