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FW: “Church and Ministry” is Now Available for Pre-Order with Bulk Purchase Discount Price


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Posted on: Friday, August 24, 2012 10:08 AM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: "Church and Ministry" is Now Available for Pre-Order with Bulk Purchase Discount Price


"The issue of church and office is too often a muddle among us, and Walther can be most helpful if he is allowed to speak with the precision he intended."
Pastor Matthew C. Harrison
President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod


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Matthew Harrison's new edition of this seminal writing by the first president of the LCMS restores Walther's precise language on the doctrines of church and ministry. As the subtitle of the original German edition states, Church and Ministry is "a collection of testimonies . . . from the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and from the private writings of orthodox teachers of the same." Professional church workers and interested lay members will find a wealth of insights from the Bible, the Confessions, ancient church fathers, Luther, the orthodox Lutheran fathers, and more on the key questions of what or who is the Church, what is and who holds the Office of the Ministry, and what are the powers and duties of each.

This New Study Edition Includes

• new reader-friendly updated translation

• footnotes explaining terms and history

• side notes highlighting texts from the Bible, Lutheran Confessions and Martin Luther

• marginal references to Johann Gerhard

• glossary of key German and Latin terms

• appendices including supporting documents

• Scriptural index

• topical index

• free downloadable data charts/timelines editorial introductions from Rev. Matthew Harrison

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