Monday, August 27, 2012

FW: So, You Want to Grade a Sermon?




Feed: Steadfast Lutherans
Posted on: Saturday, August 25, 2012 7:16 AM
Author: Pastor Donavon Riley
Subject: So, You Want to Grade a Sermon?


We thought to repost this list on BJS in hopes of generating some further discussion of what makes a good (or bad) sermon. The list was originally written by Charles Wiese and recently reposted on my blog, the First Premise.

Here is a listing of sermon reviews that Charles Wiese has posted on his blog.


  1. Does the pastor explain the text correctly? (+1 for explaining the text correctly, 0 for not explaining the text at all, -1 for explaining the text incorrectly)
  2. Is the law preached lawfully? (+1 for preaching the law in all its sternness, 0 for not preaching the law at all, -1 for preaching the law as if it is doable)
  3. Does the sermon mention Jesus? (+1 for saying true things about Jesus, 0 for not mentioning Jesus, -1 for saying false things about Jesus)
  4. Is the sermon about what Jesus has done for us? (+1 if the primary focus of the sermon is about what Jesus has done for us, 0 if the sermon does not mention Jesus, -1 if the sermon is all about what we do for Jesus)
  5. Does the creation of a wordle show a Christian focus in the sermon? (+1 for yes, 0 for sort of, -1 for no)

5 is the highest possible score and -5 is the lowest possible score.

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