Monday, July 29, 2013

FW: Concordia Commentary Update: What’s Next?




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Posted on: Monday, July 29, 2013 8:36 AM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: Concordia Commentary Update: What's Next?


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I thought you would appreciate an update on the status of the Concordia Commentary series. As it turns out, the Concordia Commentary series is, at this point, the largest ongoing commentary being published in the Protestant community, and has earned high regard and respect from scholars from across all Christian denominations and students of Biblical literature (Christian or not). We have been publishing two volumes a year, for well over ten years now.

We have quite a line up. We also make all these commentaries available via the LOGOS software platform. I'm able to take an advanced look at the materials as it comes in and … thanks be to God! What a blessing these commentaries will be to the Church.

Please remember that the best possible prices for the print volumes is available via subscription. I urge any laypersons reading this to make it possible for your pastor to receive these volumes. They will be of enormous benefit to him for his preaching and his teaching of God's Word. Read more about the Concordia Commentary subscription program, by clicking this link. To view all volumes presently available, click this link.

Here is what's coming next. I have no further details to share at this time beyond what I'm posting here.

Mark 1:1 – 8:26 by James Voelz (Fall 2013)

Galatians by Andrew Das (Spring 2014)

Isaiah 56-66 by Reed Lessing (Fall 2014)

Ephesians by Andrew Das (Spring 2015)

John 1–6 by William Weinrich (Fall 2015

Romans 9–16 by Michael Middendorf (Spring 2016)

Hebrews by John Kleinig (Fall 2016)

Mark 8:27-16:8 by James Voelz (Spring 2017)


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