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Getty, Keith and Kristyn Getty. Live at the Gospel Coalition: Modern and Traditional Hymns. Nashville: GettyMusic, 2013. Audio CD. $13.99. (also available in a deluxe edition with 3 additional songs or in a combo with the songbook) http://www.gettymusic.com/ (LH)

Getty, Keith and Kristyn Getty. Live at the Gospel Coalition: Modern and Traditional Hymns (Songbook). Nashville: GettyMusic, 2013. 44 Pages. Paper. $14.99. (downloadable version available for $11.99) http://www.gettymusic.com/ (LH)

In the spring of 2013, the National Conference of The Gospel Coalition was held in Orlando, Florida, and was attended by some 5,000 people from more than 40 countries and 49 of the United States. Through sermons, presentations, and discussions, the group contemplated anew the peace man has with God because of and through Christ and considered application of the gospel in missions and in daily work.

The corporate response in music was led by Keith and Kristyn Getty and recorded for this album. Traditional and modern hymns provided the repertoire, including several selections from the Getty's well-known catalog. From upbeat hymns of praise and adoration, to moments of contemplation and anthems of dedication, this compilation is not only a reflection of the conference but a tool for believers and churches everywhere. (Getty website)

Readers of our blog know we've reviewed each Getty album thus far. We use and commend for your use most of their hymns. Many have completed the LCMS Doctrinal Review process. I loved hearing historic hymns (4, 16) alongside the modern hymnody of Keith and Kristyn Getty. In some ways, this live album is a "best of" collection, as can be seen from the track listing:

1. Christ He is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed
2. Come People of the Risen King
3. By Faith
4. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
5. Speak O Lord
6. Oh How Good It Is
7. Lift High the Name of Jesus
8. The Power of the Cross (with When I Survey)
9. In Christ Alone
10. Across the Lands
11. Compassion Hymn
12. Kyrie Eleison
13. O Church Arise
14. Hear the Call of the Kingdom
15. Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God (with Gabriel's Oboe)
16. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty


The songbook and deluxe CD also include 17. "Communion Hymn," 18. "See What a Morning," and 19. "There Is a Higher Throne."   

Track 7, "Lift High the Name of Jesus," is the sole new hymn on this album. 

Our congregation or others in the Wyoming District have sung tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 18, and 19. 

I could see "Oh, How Good It Is" used at a District conference as a hymn version of Psalm 133. "Lift High" is growing on me, but I remain uncertain as to whether "Kyrie Eleison" is a version I would use at Divine Service. "Holy Spirit" raises concerns with regard to properly distinguishing justification and sanctification with its first phrase, "Holy Spirit, living Breath of God, breathe new life into my willing soul," that could be made more like Psalm 51 by changing "willing" to "sinful."  Notably, "Communion Hymn," aka, "Behold the Lamb," has survived Pr. Wolfmueller's Praise Song Cruncher (http://www.tabletalkradio.org/documents/praise%20song%20list.pdf  http://tabletalkradio.org/content/sites/default/files/audio/ttr155_0.mp3)

Since this album was released, an article by Keith 'Five Ways to Improve Congregational Singing' appeared on the Gospel Coalition Blog: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgcworship/2014/02/18/five-ways-to-improve-congregational-singing/

Here's a quick headline summary of the article:
1. Begin with the pastor
2. Sing great songs.
3. Cultivate a congregation centered priority in those who lead.
4. Serve the congregation through musical excellence
5. Mange the congregation's repertoire intentionally.

Want to hear more? Listen to "Good Shepherd of My Soul" at: http://youtu.be/TyLOnOYOvCA

We thank our friends at Gettymusic for keeping us abreast of new releases. We pray for more hymns based on Psalms (like 141, 51, 22, 4), hymns to fit texts of the historic and three-year lectionary systems, and additional hymns Christians may sing and pray according to their vocations.

The Rev. Paul J Cain is Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Sheridan, Wyoming, Headmaster of Martin Luther Grammar School, Yellowstone Circuit Visitor (LCMS Wyoming District), a permanent member of the Board of Directors of The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education, Wyoming District Worship Chairman, Editor of QBR, and author of 5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Congregation a Caring Church.

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