Monday, January 17, 2011

FW: Final text of missal – leaked

For those interested in things liturgical from Rome…


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Posted on: Monday, January 17, 2011 7:06 AM
Author: Anthony Ruff, OSB
Subject: Final text of missal – leaked


A reader writes to tell me that he has discovered the final text of the missal over at WikiSpooks. This is the text the US national liturgy office (BCDW) sent to US publishers on 12-30-10.

This is interesting. The so-called "Moroney Missal," the one Pope Benedict received from Vox Clara on April 28, 2010, had two translations of the very same Prayer after Communion:

#1: First Sunday of Advent:
     May these mysteries, O Lord,
     in which we have participated, profit us, we pray,
     for even now, as we walk amid [passing things],
     you teach us by them to love the things of heaven
     and hold fast to what endures.

#2: Thursday of First Week of Advent:
     May these [mysteries] in which we have participated
     profit us, we pray, O Lord,
     for even now, as we journey through this passing world,
     you teach us by them
     to love the things of heaven
     and hold fast to what will endure.

I'm sure you see the problem with #1 – "them" seems to refer to "passing things," as if we should make  use of transitory and superficial things to learn to love heavenly things. It would be hard for the listener to guess that "them" refers to "mysteries" way up in the first line.

Although the antecendent for "them" is too far away in #2, at least "them" can only refer to "mysteries," which makes sense. #2 is a better wording.

In any event, the inconsistency had to be corrected. And correct it they did. They eliminated #2 and used the wording of #1 in both cases.


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