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FW: "The Velvet Fog" sings Good King Wenceslas - Additional Stanzas by Starke

A worthy hymn on its own…


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Posted on: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 11:05 AM
Author: Rev. Matt Harrison
Subject: "The Velvet Fog" sings Good King Wenceslas - Additional Stanzas by Starke


Ah... if "The Velvet Fog" could have sung Starke's verses too!

Pastor H.



Additional Stanzas for Good King Wenceslas

(Sung by all)

Text: Stephen P. Starke, 2007 Tune: Good King Wenceslas, Meter: 7 6 7 6 D Matthew 25:34-40 To the glory of God for LCMS World Relief and Human Care.


1. May our Lord soon bring that day He is yet adjourning

And as Judge to us then say At His bright returning:

"Come ye, by My Father blest, Take what you inherit;

Enter heaven's endless rest, Made for you to share it.


2. "For you heard My hungry cry And in love you fed Me;

When My throat was parched and dry, To a drink you led Me;

I, a stranger, nonetheless In your home you brought Me;

I, in wretched nakedness Till you clothing bought Me;


3. "I was sick, in need of care, To My ills you tended;

When I was imprisoned there You My shame befriended.

This I say assuredly: What you did for others,

Those good things you did for Me Through My lowly brothers."


4. Thus, good Christians, one and all, Let us with compassion

Heed our gen'rous Master's call And in zealous fashion

Labor on, through acts of love, Tender mercy spreading,

Serve our King who reigns above, In His footsteps treading.


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