Saturday, September 4, 2010

FW: Since When Are Praise Bands ‘Contextual’ at CSL?

Good questions…


Feed: Necessary Roughness
Posted on: Saturday, September 04, 2010 8:46 AM
Author: Dan
Subject: Since When Are Praise Bands 'Contextual' at CSL?


The Gottesdienst blog relays a solicitation for players and a sound board operator for a "chapel band" that will perform at the Chapel of Saints Timothy and Titus on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

The announcement reads as follows:

Contextual Worship/Chapel Bands

If you are gifted in the ways of music or can run a sound board, come audition to be a part of a chapel band. Come sign up for an audition time at the Information fair on Friday (9/3) or Tuesday (9/7). Or email [a student address - +HRC] if you are unable to be at the info fair. Email me with any questions. Thanks.

What is the context of a seminary?

Praise bands are generally touted as a tool to attract people to worship.  A necessity to be attracted to worship isn't even in our theology. We worship because God has commanded us to and also to receive the gifts that God has promised us in Word and Sacrament. If seminarians and professors need to be attracted to worship, something is dreadfully wrong.

It is simply incorrect to use a label of 'contextual' and to imply that other types of worship are not contextual. All worship has context. The issues at hand are, "Which contexts are you applying?" and "What are you confessing with those contexts?"

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