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FW: "Missouri must be open..." Sasse



Feed: Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison
Posted on: Sunday, February 27, 2011 3:30 PM
Author: Rev. Matt Harrison
Subject: "Missouri must be open..." Sasse


Erlangen, November 8, 1948

Rathsberger Str. 4

Highly Honored Dr. Sieck [President of Concordia Seminary]!

            …Missouri must be open, more open than its fathers in the acknowledgement of all those who are confessionally true Lutherans in other churches. But it must unconditionally maintain the doctrinal content of the Formula of Concord, and not allow the confession to become a matter of form as happened in Germany and unfortunately also in the Nordic countries… I myself, against the council of Herr Doctors Graebner and Mayer, on the eve of my departure from St. Louis, have now left the territorial church for the free church (Breslau). That was a decision of conscience, which was necessitated by Bavaria's joining EKiD… My ecclesiastical work is over… My students now proceed with wife and child into misery, and so must I also go.[1][1] I hope that for me the wandering about finding closed doors will find one open in Australia, before it is too late…

                        Hermann Sasse


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[1][1] This at first rather odd comment is repeated often by Sasse. He means that he feels responsible for the plight and difficulty of his students who suffer the consequences of the theology Sasse taught them. MH