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FW: Christmas always on Sunday?




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Posted on: Sunday, January 01, 2012 6:32 AM
Author: Anthony Ruff, OSB
Subject: Christmas always on Sunday?


How are you enjoying Christmas and New Years (or Mary, Mother of God) (or Holy Name of Jesus) (or World Day of Peace) falling on Sunday this year??

Astrophysicist Richard Conn Henry and applied economist Steve Hanke propose a calendar where each date always falls on the same day of the week. Christmas could always be celebrated on a Sunday, for instance, and Memorial Day Monday could always be on May 28. Their calendar would make it easy to plan annual activities, from holidays to academic schedules to financial calculations.

The pair says their calendar is different from other alternative calendars proposed in the past because it keeps each week at seven days. "All of the major (other calendars) have involved breaking the seven-day cycle of the week, which is not acceptable to many people because it violates the Fourth Commandment about keeping the Sabbath Day," Henry says. "Our version never breaks that cycle."

Read CNN on it here, and read the professors' article here.

The Second Vatican Council declared in Sacrosanctum Concilium that the Catholic Church "does not oppose efforts designed to introduce a perpetual calendar into civil society. But among the various systems which are being suggested to stabilize a perpetual calendar and to introduce it into civil life, the Church has no objection only in the case of those systems which retain and safeguard a seven-day week with Sunday, without the introduction of any days outside the week, so that the succession of weeks may be left intact, unless there is question of the most serious reasons."

My first reaction to the proposal? I like.


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