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FW: Hymn of the Day for Lent 2B




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Posted on: Sunday, February 26, 2012 6:55 AM
Author: Michael Joncas
Subject: Hymn of the Day for Lent 2B


Here is the second hymn of the day text that I have created for Cycle B of the Roman Catholic Sunday lectionary system. I invite Pray Tell readers to critique the text. I would ask that those offering their critiques stay focused on this text and not use this column to debate the wisdom of constructing Hymns of the Day for Roman Catholic use. It may be helpful to read the comments archived under Hymn of the Day for Lent 1B to get some sense of where the conversation has already gone. (For example, I recognize that this might be better characterized as a Gospel Hymn or a Sermon Hymn than a Hymn of the Day because it does not bring in the other readings, but your critiques will help me improve it.)

Note that the stanzas in brackets may be omitted when the hymn is sung.

Hymn of the Day for the Second Sunday of Lent, Cycle B

[How good it is for us
With Peter, James and John
To climb the heights at Jesus' call
And bear with him alone.]

How good it is for us
To glimpse our Lord on high:
His clothes outshining earthly light,
His radiance as the sky.

How good it is for us
To view the speech unheard
When Law and Prophet both appear,
Companions of the Word.

How good it is for us
To hear the Father's choice:
"This one is my beloved Son;
Come, listen to his voice."

[How good it is for us
To see God's future now,
To seek as Peter by our shrines
Eternity endowed.]

Yet better far for us
With Peter, John and James
To follow Jesus down the mount
And journey through the plains.

For on another hill
When he is lifted high
We'll come to see his majesty
In love poured out to die.

Grant us, transfigured Lord,
To see your beauty shine
In lives transformed by charity,
By hope, by faith divine.

66.86. (SM)

Suggested Hymn Tune: FESTAL SONG (H1982 #551)
Alternative Hymn Tune: BELLWOODS [H1982 #600]

Fr. Jan Michael Joncas
15 February 2012
Redemptorist House, Washington, DC

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