Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FW: I Turn, O Christ, to You




Feed: Lutheran Hymn Revival
Posted on: Monday, February 06, 2012 10:15 PM
Author: (Amberg)
Subject: I Turn, O Christ, to You


This is for my father confessor, Pr. Michael Monterastelli.

Lord God, I turn to You

In every trying hour;

The sins You know I do,

Have left me void of pow'r.

And in my inward struggle,

Both shame and doubting mingle;

No strength is left for patience,

No comfort for my conscience,

So what can I, poor sinner do,

But turn, O Lord, to You?


You made me by Your Word,

You fashioned me from clay,

But what is my reward

For sinning every day?

What help is in my reason

That leaves me still in prison

Whenever I would fathom

My lack of faith and freedom?

So what can I, poor sinner do,

But turn, O Lord, to You?


When sickness comes and takes

The gladness out of life,

And daily trial makes

My joy turn into strife,

And prayers appear unanswered,

And hope to fear surrendered,

Should I trust in the liar

Who kindled first the fire?

No, what can I, poor sinner do,

But turn, O Lord, to You?


And when my flesh and blood,

Which can't inherit heav'n,

Search for the hidden God

Who so much death has giv'n,

That first lie of the devil

Will make me call You evil,

And all I think and ponder

Will make me farther wander;

So what can I, poor sinner, do,

But turn, O Lord, to You?


To You, O Jesus Christ,

True God, and Mary's Son,

For sinners sacrificed,

Whose work for me was done

In love for all creation,

When once for our salvation,

You bore sin's cursed burden

To bring us peace and pardon;

What can a wretched sinner do,

But turn, O Christ, to You? 


And though my sins are more

Than stars up in the sky,

Than sands upon the shore,

For them You willed to die,

When all God's holy essence

Was in your human substance,

And all Your pure obedience

Was reckoned to my conscience,

By God, our Heav'nly Father who

Turns me, O Christ, to You.


And in this sinful flesh,

I live a life of faith;

Each day, all pure and fresh

I rise from sin and death;

For what my Savior suffered

Is freely to me offered;

In holy Word and water

My burden is made lighter,

So that, with heart and faith made new,

I turn, O Christ, to You.


And in the Church of God,

I live with hope and love;

Christ's body and his blood,

Give comfort from above,

Forgiving my transgression,

With heavenly compassion,

So that I stand unmoving –

The Holy Spirit proving,

That sinners still their whole life through

May turn, O Christ, to You.



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