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FW: 2010 Summer Organist Workshops

The Lutheran Kantor provides a good introduction to some upcoming workshops at CTSFW.


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Posted on: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 1:33 AM
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Subject: 2010 Summer Organist Workshops


Once again I'm making my annual "plug" for the summer Organist Workshops at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.  I can't recommend these enough to parish organists of all skill levels.  For three of the last four summers I've had the joy of studying improvisation with Kantor Hildebrand, organ playing with Kantor Resch, and handbells with Kantor Muth, in addition to studying theology, meeting fellow musicians, and being fed with the daily rhythm of prayer services.

I won't go into all the details, since they are amply noted in other blog posts.

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However, in a past post I referenced something that Kantor Resch wrote that bears repeating once again.


Parishes should encourage their church musicians to take full advantage of these opportunities for growth and offer significant financial support. Such an educational benefit for a valued member of the staff is not an extra, not a fluff benefit. I have seen the results of such continuing education every summer for twenty years on this campus. Annually about forty-five organists come, see, hear, learn, and are immersed in something that for most of them is new. After five days of being immersed in theology and practice, students leave with insights that make them different church musicians, able to understand more fully–and put into practice more effectively–their responsibilities in proclamation and teaching. (The Music of the Divine Service: Propers and Proclamation pg 49 in the 2001 Journal of the Good Shepherd Institute)

The seminary has just released their 2010 workshop schedule (see below – note that their link to the website doesn't work yet).  One notable addition is that the Beginning Improvisation class will have two instructors –  Kantor Hildebrand and Dr. Donald Rotermund (author of Off the Page). By the way, Off the Page is one of the most accessible books for organists wanting to test the waters of improvisation (read a review of it here).



FORT WAYNE, IN (CTS)—Church organists of all abilities will have the opportunity
to improve their skills during workshops offered this summer at Concordia
Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The workshops are for organists who
are already playing, whether they are experienced veterans or new organists
recently drafted into helping in their parish.

Workshops being offered this year are:

Beginning Improvisation—June 14–18, 2010
Organ instructors: Dr. Donald Rotermund and Kantor Kevin Hildebrand
Theology instructor: Dr. Paul Grime
This workshop is for organists who would like to begin or review basic ideas in
the art of improvisation. Demonstrations by the instructor, as well as hands-on
experience by the students, will be of prime importance.

Organist Primer—June 21–25, 2010
Organ instructor: Kantor Kevin Hildebrand
Theology instructor: Kantor Richard Resch
This beginning workshop is designed for organists who do not use pedals, who use
only one foot, or who wish to lean more of the basics of service playing. It
will include instruction about fundamental music understanding and organ

Level I—July 12–16, 2010
Organ instructor: Kantor Richard Resch
Theology instructor: Dr. Paul Grime
This workshop focuses on service playing, hymnody, church year, music for
weddings, funerals and discussion about the pastor/musician relationship. This
level is designed for organists who have taken the Primer Level or are using
both feet in their playing.

For complete workshop descriptions, instructor information and to register
online please go to For additional information, please
e-mail or phone 260-452-2224.

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