Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FW: [Lutheran Liturgy] Litanies and Suffrages

From the Lutheran Liturgy yahoo list…


This concern/question led ot an interesting reference.



 The use of the Litany or Suffrages during Lent can leave some
> people "cold."  It seems that when these worship forms are
> spoken it becomes just so much repetition and mere words.  
> I'm sure that when these forms are sung or chanted their
> content and significance are enhanced.  However, this is not
> always feasible.  So to counteract the possible discounting
> of these ancient forms, is there a succinct historical
> summary of their origin, purpose, and usage in the early
> church as well as in the Reformation tradition?  Something
> suitably simple for distribution to confirmands, for example? 
> Internet accessible would be preferable, but any suitable
> resource will be appreciated. 

One source: Fegley, Charles K. The bidding prayer, litany and suffrages, v.7 of Memoirs of the Lutheran Liturgical Association. Pittsburg : The Association, 1906-1907.