Saturday, March 20, 2010

Resources Received: New and Notable!

Peters, Albrecht. Ten Commandments (Commentary on Luther's Catechisms). St. Louis: Concordia, 2009. 333 Pages. Paper. $42.99. (P)

Nielsen, Pam. Illustrated by Arthur Kirchhoff. Calligraphy by Edward Q. Luhmann. Behold the Lamb: An Introduction to the Signs and Symbols of the Church. St. Louis: Concordia, 2010. 48 Pages. Cloth. $8.99. (Currently on sale for $6.67.) (L)

Gladieux, Carol. Six Ecclesiastical Art Samples: 1) Sample Baptismal Remembrance; 2) Sample Confirmation Remembrance; 3) Baptismal Napkin/handkerchief with baptismal shell; Sample Parament/Vestment Patterns: 4) A "Holy Spirit" on red poly satin; 5) A "VDMA" on purple 100% cotton; 6) A "Ship of Faith" (aka "the Church") on dark green 100% cotton. Churubusco, IN: Shepherds' Threads LLC, 2010. Prices Vary. (L)