Sunday, August 29, 2010

FW: Look What My Father-in-law Made for St. Paul's!

An idea as your congregation prepares for Good Friday…


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Posted on: Saturday, August 28, 2010 10:44 AM
Author: William Weedon
Subject: Look What My Father-in-law Made for St. Paul's!


A hand-crafted hearse for the Good Friday Tenebrae Vespers.  Unlike the traditional hearse of 15 candles, the LSB rite calls for extinguishing only seven, hence the number of candle slots in this one. You can use it with smaller candles, or remove the wooden insets and use larger candles.  Dave's workmanship is meticulous.  And it humbles me that he spent so many hours making this beautiful hearse for use in the liturgy at one service on one day of the entire year.  But that's exactly like my father-in-law.  Only the best for the Lord.  Thanks, Dave!

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