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FW: Agone triumphali militum



Posted on: Friday, July 29, 2011 10:14 PM
Author: Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes)
Subject: Agone triumphali militum


Here is my translation of the Sequence for martyrs (plur.) by Notker, "Agone triumphali militum Regis summi," as found in Lossius (amended by H. Bonnus). Brackets, unless noted otherwise, show the original reading. A discrepancy in the notation of the melody in Lossius should be noted. The 7th and 8th notes are given one step higher in line 3a (or one step lower in 3b). I have taken the higher ones (B - A instead of A - G) from the music given for 3b. The "D flat" in the melody for line 7 seems wrong but I cannot find any better reading. Suggestions are welcome.


THE CONTEST now completed,
Won by the High King's soldiers,
Makes this day with praise to ring
In all the Church,
Faithful to the Christ, her King.

2a. They on earth rejected
Passing glories, joys, and pleasures,
2b. Every day the burden
Of the shameful cross they treasured.

3a. From their Lord no lust or vice
Did their soul separate,
3b. When they hastened from this life
Whither the saints await.

4a. No dungeon dark or iron fetter
Softened their confidence;
In Christ their heart believed;
4b. Nor did the bitter stings they suffered
Weaken the martyrs' will,
However oft received.

5a. No sword o'er them threatening
Managed to terrify
5b. These boldest of warrìors,
Now with their Lord on high.

6a. Now in God's keeping
Securely they ridicule
The cruèl hostilities
Shown by their torturers.
6b. And Christ's own people
They comfort abundantly
Through all their adversities
In this world perilous.

7a. Now Christ's in martyrdom, [Ye now with Christ reside]
7b. No more corruptible. [We weakly yet abide.]

8. Lo, what examples of constancy
In the true confession
Of Christ Jesus!

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2011.

LATIN ("L" = Lossius's/Bonnus' variant)

1. Agone triumphali
militum Regis summi
dies ille celebris.
Est populis [L: Et populus]
Christo regi credulis. [L: credulus]

2a. Hi delectamentum
respuerant mundanorum
2b. Et crucem tunc turpem
quotidie bajularunt;

3a. Hos nullius feritas
a Christo separat,
3b. Dum ad eum mortibus [Quin…]
millenis properent. [L: nullenis…]
4a. Non carcer ullus aut cathena
molliunt fortia
in Christo pectora,
4b. Sed nec ferarum morsus diri
martyrum solidum
excavant animum;

5a. Non imminens capiti
gladius terreat […territat.]
5b. Fortissimos milites
optimi Domini.

6a. Nunc manu Dei
complexi persequentum
insultant furoribus
quondam crudelibus
6b. Et plebi Christi […Christi plebi]
solamen suppeditant
in cunctis laboribus
lubrici saeculi.

7a. Nunc Christi martyres, [Vos…]
7b. Non valde fragiles, [Nos…]

8. Exemplis faciunt constantes [Precibus nos justo judici]
in confessione [sinceris jugiter]
Jesu Christi. [commendare curate.]

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