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FW: Exultet vera Ecclesia



Posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011 2:10 PM
Author: Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes)
Subject: Exultet vera Ecclesia


Here is my translation of the Latin hymn for Apostles, "Exultet vera Ecclesia," an evangelical correction by H. Bonnus of the anonymous "Exultet coelum laudibus," as given in Lossius' Psalmodia (1579). The melody is found in the same source; in transcribing it I have set it in D major and added a ligature between the 6th and 7th note, where one might expect a vocalic elision in the original.


LET THE true Church on earth rejoice,
In faith lift up her joyful voice,
The solemn feast in song to frame
Of the Apostles, full of fame.

2. For by no merit of their own
Christ did by purest grace alone
Call to Himself those simple men,
To learn His Word and lead His train.

3. That through them He might put to shame
Man's wisdom and its false acclaim,
And draw men to His righteousness,
Which we alone by faith possess.

4. As fathers He did them appoint,
And princes on the earth anoint,
To subjugate the faithless horde
By working of the Spirit's Word.

5. Of Jesus Christ therefore they taught,
From Whom salvation must be sought,
And rescue from hell's endless woe,
That we to endless life might go.

6. For this they suffered many_an ill,
Of pain and mock'ry had their fill,
With faithless men did warfare wage,
E'en in this present evil age.

7. Now e'er in heav'n they live and reign
Till Christ in glory comes again,
When, on th' appointed judgment day,
The judges of the earth are they.

8. Therefore we humbly Thee implore,
O Christ, to keep us evermore
In Thy good doctrine firmly staid,
As by th' Apostles once relayed,

9. Lest some false doctrine fool our mind
To trust in works by man designed,
Or shameful vice lead us astray
From Thy true Gospel's saving way,

10. That when our Judge shall come at last,
And this the day of grace is past,
We may with them partakers be
Of joy that lasts eternally. Amen.

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2011.


1. Exultet vera Ecclesia
magnis in fide gaudiis,
Apostolorum quoties
sacra canit sollennia.

2. Nam sine ipsorum meritis
Christus ex mera gratia,
Vocavit illos simplices,
Ad sui Verbi studium.

3. Ut per ipsos confunderet,
Humanam sapientiam,
Et homines pertraheret
Ad fidei justiciam.

4. Hos statuit pro Patribus,
Per totum orbem Principes,
Ad subjugandum impios,
Virtute Verbi Spiritus.

5. Docebant Christum igitur
Esse per quem oporteat
Servari nos ab Inferis,
Vitamque aeternam consequi.

6. Quapropter multa passi sunt,
Tormenta et opprobria,
Ab impiis hominibus,
In hoc praesenti seculo.

7. Sed nunc vivunt perpetuo
In coelis, et cum venerit
Christus in fine temporum,
Tunc erunt Mundi Judices.

8. Precamur ergo supplices,
Te Christe, ut nos integros,
In simplici retineas,
Apostolorum dogmate.

9. Ne nostras mentes operum,
Falsa doctrina capiat,
Vel scandala absterreant,
A vero Evangelio.

10. Ut cum Judex adveneris,
In fine huius seculi,
Nos sempiterni gaudii
Facias esse compotes. Amen.

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