Saturday, October 29, 2011

FW: For Orthodox Lutheran Pastors


A hymn…


Feed: Lutheran Hymn Revival
Posted on: Saturday, October 29, 2011 2:01 PM
Author: (Amberg)
Subject: For Orthodox Lutheran Pastors


This hymn is written for all orthodox Lutheran Pastors, especially those who have been wrongfully removed by their congregations from the office into which Christ placed them.  God hears your prayers; may God have mercy on those congregations and those in authority who have incurred God's wrath.


The tune is "Ach bleib bei uns"

Paul preaching to the Jews in Damascus - 12th C. Mosaic



Lord God preserve your ministry

Against all sin and heresy,

Send down Your Spirit from above

To guard Your pastors with Your love.




Of all the men who dare to teach,

How few there are who purely preach - 


But see how poor and weak they are

Who wield Your Word and wage Your war!



But You have promised them your grace

Who call on you in every place;

And You have called them here below

To heed Your call and plant and sow.



Give them your law to plow the clay,

And break all self-deceit away,

Then let the broken hearts receive

The seed that makes the heart believe.



And let Your pastors patient wait,

Nor think that You are coming late,

But water with Your Spirit's Word,

Until the ends of earth have heard.  



For in due season they shall reap,

If now they watch and do not sleep,

And keep your doctrine as their torch

To guard the treasures of your Church.



For woe to him, when Christ shall come,

Who lets the thief break in our home

And rob the treasures of His Bride,

And cast His Word of truth aside! 



But blest is he who toils in tears

Until the Pastor reappears,

To gather to Himself His sheep

And dry the eyes of those who weep.



"Well done, you good and faithful slave!

You ran the race your Savior gave;

A crown of righteousness is yours,

And open stand your mansion's doors.



Then will the prophets sing with you,

Apostles with the martyrs too,

With all the saints and heavenly host,

"Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!


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