Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FW: Not a Victory Party

Perspective on Reformation Day…


Feed: Confessional Gadfly
Posted on: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 7:22 AM
Author: Rev. Eric J Brown
Subject: Not a Victory Party


Reformation Day is coming. Be sure to observe it rightly.

Reformation Day is not simply a self-congratulatory, back-slapping day. It is not V-R Day. It is not "We got it right and everyone else is dumb" Day.

It is a day where we ought to be focused on one simple truth. Because the Church is full of sinners who will wish to twist and corrupt doctrine, who will want to turn away from the clear and pure Gospel and substitute things of their own devising, the Church is always, always in need of Reform.

This is something that is true when one looks at history. Why does Paul write most of his Epistles. Because Churches had fallen into error and needed reform. Why did the councils and Synods meet? Because Churches had fallen into error and needed reform. Why are there arguments over doctrine? Because people have fallen into error and need reform.

Why are you called to repent all the time. Because you fall into sin, error, and vice, and you need reform. You need repentance and forgiveness. You need to be revived by the Gospel.

Reformation Day is not a day where we simply say, "ah, we got it, we are awesome" - but it is the day when we ought ponder in what ways we ourselves have gone astray, a day when we are called to seek reform in our own life. A day to make sure that our focus is still upon the Valiant One whom God Himself elected, and not our own wishes, wants, desires, or plans.

Rejoice this Reformation Day for the reform that God gives His Church - but also examine yourself to see that where you yourself need to reform.

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