Monday, January 25, 2010

FW: LSB Resources: Additional Indexes

Thank you to this blogging Lutheran Kantor, the following additional LSB Indices (I had to use the old word) are available for your use. Please let your church musicians know, too!


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Posted on: Monday, January 25, 2010 7:01 AM
Author: Chris
LSB Resources: Additional Indexes


For a number of years I've had lofty goals to catalog my music library — not just the books, but also the individual pieces within the book, associated hymn tunes, composers, when I used a piece, etc.  While I haven't made much progress on the cataloging, awhile back I did create the underlying structure that would link everything back to Lutheran Service Book and the associated hymn tunes.  Through that project I had the data to create several indexes that had more detail than those provided in the back of the LSB editions — primarily around the hymn tunes used in LSB.

All of the information in these indexes are already in LSB — these indexes will just minimize some page flipping going back and forth to cross reference hymn numbers.  They answer two primary questions: What tune does a hymn use? What hymns use this tune?  Who knows, some of you might find these useful.  If you do, I'd be interested to know – please leave a comment.

  1. LSB Hymn Names, Number, and Tune sorted by Hymn Name
  2. LSB Hymn Names, Number, and Tune sorted by Hymn Number
  3. LSB Hymn Names, Number, and Tune sorted by Hymn Tune

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