Saturday, January 16, 2010

Resources Received: New and Notable!

Jeske, John C. Treasures Old & New: Daily Readings from the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House, 2009. 384 Pages. Paper. $24.99. http://www.nph/ (LHP)

"A daily devotional book for Seminary students and pastors who want to review the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. A passage from the Hebrew Old Testament and a passage from the Greek New Testament are provided for each day of the year. Also, a brief passage from the Lutheran Confessions in English is included. Notes on vocabulary and grammar follow each passage.

"General themes of the Christian church year calendar as well as key doctrinal passages of the Old and New Testament are chosen for these Scripture references" (publisher's website).
Buy this. Use this. A more formal review will follow soon.