Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FW: CCLE XI conference & more

From the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education...

Dear CCLE Friend:

If you have not yet registered for this year's conference and would like to do
so, please print the brief form at & submit soon. Conference
registration includes annual CCLE membership.

To renew your CCLE membership without conference attendance, please see the
website for more information.

Also, if you have not yet read CCLE's latest journal featuring Dr. Thomas
Korcok, click on the Classical and Lutheran Education Journal issue entitled
"June 2010" for excellent articles on
classical and Lutheran education!

The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education conference, CCLE XI, is
July 12-14th, 2011.

Dr. E. Christian Kopff is plenary speaker, with the conference theme:

Classical and Lutheran Education: Why Educate?

Dr Kopff will explore classical education in history, with presentations

The Humanism of the Reformation: What We Ought to Trust
The Classicism of the Scientific Revolution: What We Ought to Know
The Traditionalism of the American Founding: What We Ought to Do

Registration includes sectionals for classroom teachers, for those new to
classical and Lutheran education, for school administrators, and for classical
and Lutheran homeschoolers.

CCLE XI sessions include Mrs. Jackquelyn Veith's "Instructional Activities in
Classical Pedagogy," the Rev William Heine's "The Case for Worldview Formation
in High School Age Children," Angie Hill's "Why Teach Children Literature," a
discussion group on "Recruiting and Retaining Students in a Classical and
Lutheran School," sectionals with Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Dr Steven Hein,
and many others.

See for details or to print your mail-in registration form.

If you would like to make a donation to help promote excellence in classical
and Lutheran education, please see the Donate option on the website, or mail
your contribution to CCLE XI's conference host:

Rev Paul J Cain
c/o Martin Luther Grammar School
1300 W 5th Street
Sheridan, WY 82801

Thank you!