Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FW: Book of Concord.org – Interesting Stats on the Home of the Lutheran Confessions on the Internet



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Posted on: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:30 AM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: Book of Concord.org – Interesting Stats on the Home of the Lutheran Confessions on the Internet


I can not even remember now how the web site got started, but a number of years ago I created bookofconcord.org and in recent years, my friend Norm Fisher, took the site under his wing and helped it look good and work well. Jenn Balaska designed the banner for the site. So, now, today, bookofconcord.org is the home of the Lutheran Confessions on the Internet, offering the complete text of the Book of Concord, in English translation, for free, via the public domain translation of the old Dau/Bente translation. In addition to the text of the Confessions, we've amassed a lot of public domain supporting documents, from the period of the Lutheran Confessions, helping to aid understanding and provide context, for example, the Roman response to the Augsburg Confession, the "Confutation" to which the Apology [Defense] of the Augsburg Confession was a response. There are also the German and Latin editions of the two official editions of the Book of Concord available, along with links to the historical background of the Book of Concord, and a lot of other material.

I had not taken a close look at the web site's statistics for probably well over a year. Interesting stuff. We are nearly at 500,000 visitors to the site, and at nearly on million page views. How do people find the site? Google searches account for the largest number of visitors, followed by Wikipedia, which has a page on the Book of Concord, linking to the site. The most popular pages on the site are the Small and Large catechisms.

I was most intrigued to note where across the globe visitors are coming from. There are 201 countries represented in the list of sources of visitors, with, by far, the most being from the USA, and a dozen or so countries accounting for a single visitor, including a country I've never heard of "Comoros," which is an small chain of islands in the Indian Ocean.

If you haven't paid a visit recently to bookofconcord.org, I invite you to do so, and if you do not have a permanent link to it on your web site, blog site, or Facebook page, would you consider doing it? So far, it is linked to from nearly 3,500 web sites, many Lutheran church web sites, etc.

I keep bookofconcord.org free from denominational entanglements. Obviously, it represents a conservative approach to the Lutheran Confessions and Lutheranism, but I intentionally avoid linking it to any particular Lutheran church body.

Here is a screen shot from the sight showing you the various supplemental materials available. These can be somewhat difficult to find otherwise, and they are conveniently all in one place on bookofconcord.org

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