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Posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011 8:06 PM
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Subject: CPH Spring 2011 Music Sale


Church musicians are often in a quandary when selecting sheet music to add to their libraries: a finite budget and seemingly infinite choices from music publishers.  The musician needs a discerning eye to determine what will be useful at their skill level and worship context.  Random selection might yield a few gems, but also result in a bloated collection.  A quality library doesn't necessarily have to be large.  It does, however, have to be well chosen. (Organ Music: Chorale Preludes)

Concordia Publishing House is one of the few publishers that I routinely use that has substantial sales on some of their music products.  Vendors like SheetMusicPlus will often have rotating 20% sales on different publishers or types of music (e.g., choral), but CPH usually has a limited selection of choral, handbell, organ, and piano music at significant savings (50% – 75% off). If your congregation subscribes to Creative Worship from CPH, you can also work directly with their Music Department to order "suggested" products at 20% off.  I know this sounds like an advertisement for CPH, but it's more of an FYI of how to make a music budget stretch further (assuming you have a need for their products).

One word of caution: just because something is on sale does not mean you need it!

As I scanned through the latest CPH Music Warehouse Sale, I've listed a handful of organ music items that are frequently on my music rack (and a book about handbells) with the thought that someone might also find them useful. If you're looking for other recommendations, Kevin Hildebrand normally has organ and choral music reviews in each edition of His Voice from the Good Shepherd Institute.

Organ Music

  • Chorale Preludes of Dietrich Buxtehude ($8.75 – editor Scott Hyslop) – This collection is a selection of some of Buxtehude's chorale preludes. While I don't own this particular edition (I have the Barenreiter series), I've enjoyed learning and playing Buxtehude throughout the church year.  In the March 2007 edition of His Voice, Kevin Hildebrand offers suggestions based on several levels of difficulty and includes the BuxWV number.
  • Hymnal Supplement 98 Prelude Editions (Vol 3, 4, and 5 – $4.50 each) – Useful especially for some of the newer hymn tunes in Lutheran Service Book. I think CPH may be letting these go out of print.
  • Introductions, Harmonizations, Accompaniments, Interpretations (Vol 3 – $4.00, Vol 4 – $4.25 – Jeffrey Blersch) –  The introductions are sometimes longer than I would normally play, but could also work as a prelude.  The usefulness of the harmonizations in your worship setting will depend on your musical resources.  Some of the harmonizations interweave the melody amongst the different voices and work best if there is a choir to support the singing (and know what you're up to).
  • Master Organ Works of Jan Bender (Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 – $7.50 each) – Let's just say I paid a lot more than $7.50 for each of these volumes when they first came out. Volumes 1-4 have been particularly useful over the years (based on hymn tunes) and I've learned to like the sound and writing of Bender. Volume 1 is primarily for manuals. Volumes 2 & 3 are for manuals and pedals.  Volume 4 has some very nice longer pieces (I often use Ein Feste Berg and Wie schon leuchtet). Volume 5 are non-hymn based triptychs which I haven't used much. Kevin Hildebrand provides a review of this collection in the February 2006 edition of His Voice.
  • Six Hymn Improvisations (Vol 1 – $2.75, Vol 2 – $2.75, Vol 4 – $3.00 – Kevin Hildebrand) – I frequently use Kantor Hildebrand's improvisations and will occasionally tweak/shorten them to use as a hymn introduction. Volume 1 has a few gems with great settings of Ebenezer (Thy Strong Word) and In Dir Ist Freude (used as the hymn introduction to In Thee Is Gladness on the Heirs of the Reformation CD set). And the renaissance dance setting of O Lord, We Praise You is just fun to play.
  • Songs of the Gospel (Vol 1Vol 2 – $22.50 each) – These two volumes have been really helpful to collect a variety of older and newer settings on the hymns of Martin Luther (Volume 1) and Paul Gerhardt (Volume 2).  For the amount of music you get for the price, these are bargains.


  • Handbells in the Liturgy ($8.00) – Practical ideas on how to use handbells in the worship service. Surprise , surprise – handbells can be used in more ways than just playing an instrumental piece.

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