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FW: Johann Gerhard’s LOCI THEOLOGICI – The Best and Most Comprehensive Lutheran Presentation of Christian Doctrine

St. Patrick would have loved Gerhard…


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Posted on: Thursday, March 17, 2011 3:30 PM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: Johann Gerhard's LOCI THEOLOGICI – The Best and Most Comprehensive Lutheran Presentation of Christian Doctrine


The man, the legend: Johann Gerhard! How did he write so much while wearing that collar? I do not know, but he did.


By far, the best and most comprehensive treatment of Christian doctrine by an orthodox Lutheran theologian remains the work of Johann Gehard, with his LOCI THEOLOGICI. There simply is no equal to Gerhard's work. And, thankfully, they are now becoming available in English. Our project to put these volumes into English, a very time consuming and labor intensive project, was recently reaffirmed and supported by the board of directors of Concordia Publishing House. I would really appreciate if as many of you a possible would subscribe to the series. These books are by no means inexpensive to produce, in fact, CPH's is making an investment in this series for the sake of the Church. So, will you subscribe to the series? Please call our customer service center at 800-325-3040 to sign up for them.

Here is a list of what is coming out, and in what order:

Already appeared:
Exegesis I, On the Nature of Theology and on Scripture, rev. ed.
Exegesis II–III, On the Nature of God and on the Trinity
Exegesis IV, On Christ
Commonplace XXV, On the Church

Commonplace XXVI/1, On the Ministry, Part One, late 2011
Commonplace XXVI/2, On the Ministry, Part Two, fall 2012
Commonplaces VIII–XI, On Creation and Predestination, fall 2013
Commonplaces XII–XIV, On Sin and Free Choice
Commonplaces XV–XVI, On the Law
Commonplaces XVII–XVIII, On the Gospel and Repentance
Commonplace XIX, On Justification
Commonplace XX, On Good Works
Commonplace XXIII, On Holy Baptism
Commonplace XXIV, On the Holy Supper
Commonplace XXVIII/1, On Marriage, Part One
Commonplace XXVIII/2, On Marriage, Part Two
Commonplace XXVIII/3, On Marriage, Part Three

Here is information about the Gerhard series from the Concordia Publishing House web site:

The Theological Commonplaces series is the first-ever English translation of Johann Gerhard's monumental Loci Theologici. Gerhard was the premier Lutheran theologian of the early seventeenth century. Combining his profound understanding of evangelical Lutheran theology with a broad interest in ethics and culture, he produced significant works on biblical, doctrinal, pastoral, and devotional theology. Gerhard interacts with the writings of the church fathers, Luther and his contemporaries, and the Catholic and Calvinist theologians of his day. His Loci are regarded as the standard compendium of Lutheran orthodoxy, with topics ranging from the proper understanding and interpretation of Scripture to eschatology.

In this first volume (of Seventeen) of the Theological Commonplaces series, Gerhard presents a brief introduction on the nature of theology, then addresses the source of all Lutheran doctrineHoly Scripture. In 28 chapters, Gerhard explores the efficient cause of Scripture, the subject matter of Holy Writ, offers specific treatment of each canonical and apocryphal book of the Bible, and discussed inspiration of Scripture. Finally, Gerhard offers insight on versions of Holy Scripture and its interpretation.

Useful for research on Lutheran doctrine, Gerhard's accessible style makes this a must-have on the bookshelf of pastors and professional church workers.

Features of the 2nd edition:

  • New translation of two original introductions by Gerhard, explaining the purpose of the Theological Commonplaces and giving autobiographical details; clarified text; explanatory footnotes
  • vocabulary list
  • Scripture index
  • person index
  • well-researched works cited list

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