Saturday, March 26, 2011

FW: Issues, Etc. 24

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Feed: Steadfast Lutherans
Posted on: Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:34 PM
Author: Norm Fisher
Subject: Issues, Etc. 24


You saw it last year.

Mark your calendar for this year!

It's back!

Twenty-Four Hour Live Broadcast on Issues Etc.

Begins Friday, April 8, 4:00pm

Ends Saturday, April 9, 4:00pm

(central time)

4pm: Dr. Ken Schurb on Acts
6pm: Dr. David Adams on Exodus
8pm: Dr. Andrew Steinmann on Daniel
10pm: Rev. Jonathan Fisk on Revelation
12am: Rev. Bryan Wulfmueller on Isaiah
2am: Dr. John Kleinig on Psalms
4am: Dr. Greg Lockwood on John
6am: Professor David Lewis on Mark
8am: Dr. Arthur Just on Hebrews
10am: Dr. John Saleska on Genesis
12pm: Rev. William Weedon on Ephesians
2pm: Dr. Peter Scaer on 1 Corinthians

Listen Live at

Listen to last year's segments here to anticipate what will happen this year!

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