Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FW: Lutheranism 101: Kindle Edition Now Available Along With Other New CPH Titles

Lutheranism 101…


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Posted on: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 10:48 AM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: Lutheranism 101: Kindle Edition Now Available Along With Other New CPH Titles


Greetings dear readers. I have good news. Lutheranism 101: Kindle Edition is now live on Amazon's web site and ready to be downloaded. Keep checking Amazon for our latest Kindle title releases we have about 25 or so new titles that will be showing up over the next several days and weeks. As I write this blog post, we have a total of 102 titles in Kindle format. You can see them all here.

Other new offerings in Kindle format include, Kurt Senske's popular book The Calling: How to Live a Life of Significance; Time of Grace by Mark Jeske; Blessings and Prayers for Expectant Mothers; On the Nature of Theology and Scripture by Johann Gerhard. A little something for everybody.

ePub versions of these books are also coming soon as well, sold directly from our CPH site. ePub can be used on a Nook and a variety of other devices.

Just FYI: People often ask about Apple's iBookstore. At this point, due to Apple's ever changing contractual demands, and the fact that the Kindle is, by far, still the leading eb0ok reading platform of choice: both the device itself, and the Kindle app for a huge variety of devices: computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets computers, Droid devices, Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod, we have not seen much need to move into the iBookstore when the Kindle format is able to reach far more people, less expensively and more robustly than

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