Monday, May 9, 2011

FW: “Ancient Liturgy for Today’s Tulsa”

From Tulsa…


Feed: PrayTellBlog
Posted on: Sunday, May 08, 2011 10:03 PM
Author: Cody C. Unterseher
Subject: "Ancient Liturgy for Today's Tulsa"


From Grace Lutheran Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, come two videos highlighting the centrality of liturgy in this Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation. The first, "Grace Lutheran Church — Stability in an Unstable World," is an introduction to the life of this congregation, with some interesting footage of their celebration of Divine Service (Eucharistic Liturgy), including a sequence with voiceover of the Prayer of Thanksgiving that precedes the Institution Narrative in the LCMS Lutheran Service Book.

"The center of our life here is gathering for our Divine Service of Holy Communion every Sunday, and our life together grows out of that." — Pastor Mason Beecroft

The second video, "Loving the Liturgy — Grace Lutheran Church," focuses on liturgical theology and the experience of this congregation as it gathers for worship.

"The Liturgy or the tradition is there to form our minds that our minds might be the mind of Christ." — Pastor Mason Beecroft

The church's website, from which the title of this post comes, presents a more developed liturgical theology. Be sure to click on the tab "Dancing at Grace" (no, not that kind of dancing!).

I think these videos are an interesting introduction to liturgical worship as one congregation experiences it. They strike me as a useful catechetical or evangelistic tool, especially as both their form and content will appeal to a post-Megachurch/Emergent Church audience (as well as to any tech-savvy audience).

I find the honesty, simplicity and traditional quality of their worship very appealing, and the presentation in this format to be attractive and extremely useful. Kudos to Paster Beecroft and the Grace Lutheran Church in Tulsa!

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