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FW: Spring 2011 - Perspectives on Human Beginnings

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Hello Paul,

Welcome to the first online edition of Issues in Christian Education. It is my continued prayer that this journal will edify you and bless your service to church and world. As you have feedback about the new format of Issues, please contact the editor, Rev. Dr. Marvin Bergman, or me at issues@cune.edu.

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Perspectives on Human Beginnings



  • “Reflections” - Rev. Dr. Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • “Do You Know Where You Are From?” - Rev. Paul T. McCain
  • “Human Beginnings: Seven Issues” - Dr. Russ Moulds
  • “Christ, the Centre That Holds” - Dr. Angus Menuge

“Science & Theology: Two Ways of Knowing” - Dr. Jack M. Schultz

“Human Beginnings: Biblical Perspectives” - Dr. Joel D. Heck

“Human Beginnings: LCMS Perspective” - Dr. Robert Weise

“Human Beginnings: Evolutionary Perspectives” - Dr. Roderick B. Soper

“Human Beginnings: Creation Research Society Perspectives” - Dr. Erich A. von Fange

“Human Beginnings: Intelligent Design Perspective”- Dr. John C. Jurchen

“Teaching about Science & Religion in Lutheran Classrooms” - Dr. Brent Royuk

Book reviews

  • John C. Lennox's God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? - Dr. Kristy M. Jurchen
  • Brad Alles' Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers. - Dr. Bernard Bull

To view the full issue, visit www.cune.edu/issues-spring-2011.

President Brian L. Friedrich

Rev. Dr. Brian L. Friedrich


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