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FW: The Supremacy of the “Christian I”



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Posted on: Friday, May 06, 2011 3:59 PM
Author: Gnesio
Subject: The Supremacy of the "Christian I"


Faith is, in Biblical and church usage, to rely–even against reason and "experience"–on God's Word, as it is written in the Scripture. Only to want to believe and hold firmly to that which shows itself to people as true and acceptable–now that is- -again according to the usage of the Scripture and the Christian Church–unbelief! It is not the Christian, but the unchristian "I", that acts that way. It is the spirit of revolution of man against God in His infallible Word, around which one seeks to hang a very threadbare little cloak of faith and piety.

With this recipe, everything in the church of God is turned backwards and upside down. Faith no longer rests on the Scripture, but the Scripture rests on faith. The Church is no longer built on the ground of the Apostles and Prophets, rather the church stands on its own and the writings of the Apostles and Prophets are a growth, needing improvements, on the tree of the Church. It is not the Scripture that judges, what is right or wrong in the Church, but the Church judges what is true and false in the Scripture. In short: The supremacy of the so-called "Christian I" is proclaimed. The Church is to be the sovereign of the Word of God, and thereby of God. It is anarchy in the territory of the Church. An anarchism in the Church steps up to join the anarchism in the territory of the state in our time. It is the necessary consequence thereof, that one surrenders the Christian teaching of the inspiration of Scripture, and with that the full inerrancy of Scripture.

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