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FW: Friedrich Wyneken: Pastor and Missionary



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Posted on: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 4:29 AM
Author: Paul T. McCain
Subject: Friedrich Wyneken: Pastor and Missionary


Frederick Wyneken
Friedrich Wyneken is one of the founding fathers of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, along with C.F.W. Walther and Wilhelm Sihler. Born in 1810 in Germany, he came to Baltimore in 1838 and shortly thereafter accepted a call to be the pastor of congregations in Friedheim and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Supported by Wilhelm Loehe's mission society, Wyneken served as an itinerant missionary in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, particularly among Native Americans. Together with Loehe and Sihler, he founded Concordia Theological Seminary in 1846 in Fort Wayne, Ind. He later served as the second president of the LCMS during a period of significant growth (1850-64). His leadership strongly influenced the confessional character of the LCMS and its commitment to an authentic Lutheran witness.

Here's an excerpt from a sermon by Wyneken:

Is His love like a burden or has His yoke become too heavy? Do you want to once again depend on the world and your own righteousness? You say: "Oh no, no, but my heart is weak and doubtful, and sin is mighty!" Do not despair. There will be enough temptations, trials and sin, yeah, you may be overcome by your body's weakness. But you are not depending on your own heart but on your Jesus who saves you from your sins, gives you renewed mercy in Word and Sacrament; forgiveness of sin surrounds you like the air, yeah it is spread out around you like the sky. He is faithful, the one who has called you. He will do it for you. You just hold on to His Word and Sacrament; do not forsake prayer. Death might meet up with you whenever and wherever it wants, it will only lead you into the eternally new year, into the right peace and bliss. And even while you are in the throes of death, this beautiful name will lighten your way and bring you safely across: J E S U S!

from a sermon by Pastor Friedrich Wyneken based on Luke 2:21
January 1, 1868
Concordia Lutheran Church
Saint Louis, Missouri

Translated by M.C. Harrison

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