Friday, May 13, 2011

FW: A different Poem



Feed: Lutheran Hymn Revival
Posted on: Thursday, May 12, 2011 1:46 PM
Author: (Amberg)
Subject: A different Poem


Since I've been busier than ever imaginable and full of work and duty, I have been unable to write hymns recently.

Even now I should be grading the huge stack of tests and assignments that are calling me away from this "distraction" and into the tedium of red check-marks and comments I must hope won't be ignored.

But ignored is what most good hymns become.  Some may hold a grand view of the best hymns "making" it through the judgment of the church catholic, but a glance at Mr. Carver's blog will show how much good has been ignored and will be in the future.

Anyway, this is me going crazy.

Will they sing again?

What songs will they raise?

I've been through the possibilities, you know.

The rapping and the rhyming,

                        the moments of designing

            what we feel

                        what is fate,

                                    what we breathe and love and hate.


Will they sing again?

Whose lyrics move their hearts?

            I've been burdened by their parodies, you know.

The melodrama victim

                        says your providence, it kicked him

            to the sin,

                        to desire,

                                    to the pleasure and the fire.


If some sing again

will I want to join their strains?

            I've been fighting it since baptism, you know.

The learning and ignoring,

                        the longing for exploring

            not your thoughts,

                        but the lies

                                    of the lord of fools and flies.  


If I sing with them

will I miss the hymns of old?

            I've been singing from my mother's womb, you know.

The sin and the confession,

                        the cross and its compassion;

            God made man

                        Rose again –

angels preach away my sin…


A new song I will sing,

How could such tunes grow old?

            You've sung them from eternity, I know.

Your Spirit is revealing

                        A righteousness that's sealing

            faith in you,

                        faith in God,

                                    faith that sings my Savior's blood.           


We will sing it all again.

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